Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bulu Bulu Studios Doodling Shoes

Last december from a last year 08...
I got a call from my old friends Miss Mawk for commissioned work to shot her product of her own hands drawing doodling Illustration shoes of Bulu Bulu Studios,cause she want to make some large printing showcase exhibition of her doodles illustration shoes for The Star news paper and for JUICE magazine..
U all can see and read the latest articles of Bulu Bulu Studios in this latest May edition of JUICE magazine..
some facts of Miss Mawk:
She loves to draw..
She loves to laugh loudly..
and she is very veryy friendly person:)
lastly she is cool!!
haha..dat's it..
some pictures of her doodling shoes dat i take a shot...

Some coupling shoes,she made it for her customer:)

Finally,Miss Mawk is coming up to the surface of the planet earth..and..
Tadaa!! here she is with her weapon...she is cool rite..hehe

To Miss Mawk..
gudluck for her in tryin to expand her artwork with a shoes as the canvas:)

Oke..i think dats all:)

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