Sunday, May 24, 2009

NATURAL Paintings by Munkao & Saharil Hasrin

Last Wednesday
When i go to my college,i think there wil be a class..
but dem!

the whole day a class is canceled(lecturer mmg pemalas,anak murid je yg rajin)naahh~sigh..

but when i think i want to go back to my home it is to early & nothing to do..
so in my brain working something to do in that my brain decide to go to paintings exhibition at Annexe Central Market,& my kaki says "Yes sir!!" hahaa:P

my frens send me to stesyen putra & i went to Central market i come!!

Sotong jadian dan babi pon ade jugee..:P Nicee

All of the Munkao paintings is weird but gorgeous! It's totally way damn cool! some paintings from my feveret artist Saharil Hasrin.It's very nice done!

Finally i got this free fridge magnet badge from another level of KL photo awards exhibition..sorry no exhibition picture..too rushing..haha

Oke.i think that's all:)

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inlifewithncky said...

best exhibition ney
ak ngn kadyr aritu pegi sane.
ad jgak kat galeri petronas,klcc

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

bes kan...
lawa lawa
kadyr ade cite

susu dan biskut... said...

Awat tak habaq!?
Ishk..majuk... :P

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

nex time i will ajak Ira oke..
don worry..

p/s: for incek artis Saharil Hasrin Sanin nanti i will give u the picture exhibition u mintak tu..tnggu ya..