Saturday, May 23, 2009

Metal Gear Solid Grafix Novel

Hi all!!!
Sorry for the late post...
lately now i just came back from my Superduper Buzy(buzy la sngt:P)

oke2 back to the topic..
Last month i'm just goin to KinoKuniya Bookstore at KLCC..
and looks!
What i found there!! favourite grafix novel illustration Metal Gear Solid:Sons Of Liberty that i have waitin too long to get in malaysia(i've searching it for a long timee since i see it in internet)

oke..pada sape2 yg tak's originally come from My Faveret Espionage Tactical Action Playstation games from Konami back since i'm in Form 3 in a year of around 1999..phewww~too many nostalgic moments at that time about this's very2 great masterpiece game also comes with great art Illustrations direction from it's designer Hideo Kojima and Art illustrations from Yoji Shinkawa!!
and until now it have reached Metal Gear Solid 4 titlte!

Here same with the case in this Grafix Novel it's does't dissapoint me..that it still have the same value of Great Illustrations and Storyline..even the illustration is still from another great Artist Ashley Wood and Written by Alex Garner
Here some of the pictures i took for this book..

It have the Great Cover arts From Ashley Wood..yaww!

Some Great Character Illustration from Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty

Some great illustrations of Metal Gear Ray robot here..:)

Comics sound effects is also included~tadaa!! Blam! Blamm!! is printed in high resolution color quality paper..very great!

oke,thats all..nak story about dis grafix novel:)
u all should get dis grafix novel..
the illustration is very great!!
The price u ask? RM110 only..hehe:) sangat2 berbaloi me:)
Oke..i think dat's all..:)
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tiyavanilla said...

huhu..mase ari ni la yg u dtg umh i kan? kenangan ke klang bersama grfik novel kesayangan u..

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

betoi2 la tiya..
ingat lagi yek
u cool:)

tiyavanilla said...

wel im always cool..

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

dis book illustration is also cool