Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One of My Great shot

Salah satu i think one of my great shot of work for my Next future project..
In the making planning now to chose the best of the best from personal collection of my shot and my work...
It is for my personal large printout exhibition from my Solid State Studio..
Above is one of my teaser shot that u can also view more better detail here..that will make a debut of future bigger printout exhibition...
enjoyyyyyyy it my frens..

Please click the image to see a maximum Detail or click here for maximum view

Title:The Eyes of Terror!

The purpose of this picta is i want to show a outstanding maximum detail result that i have achieve with my own technique will become standout with a very high resolution biggest printout that i will make for my future artwork exhibition...

Oke..i think dat's all..:)

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Solid State Studio Photography
Location: Wangsa Maju
email: meloeis@hotmail.com
Portfolio Flickr & FaceBook: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shahlegnophotos/


Cera Anuar said...

sumpah great ok !!!

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

thank you for u!!

Anonymous said...

gile best gmbr ni.. whoaa~

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

tu laa..
time ni shot gune kit lens je..
luckily dpt compose the detaill..