Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KLUE Urbanscapes 09

Last year...this event is a very successful event from organizer KLUE magazine.
meanwhile many people ask me the same question lately...
one of the question is...
'Shah! are u participate into any exhibition in this year KLUE Urbanscapes event?"
the nope!..
early i was planning to get in to 24 Hour KL Photo exhibition..
But the work & assignment that i must settle fully overloaded...
then i realise it's to late to submit any of my work or photos according to dateline
Sorry all..i can't submit my work to any exhibittion in this year Urbanscapes event..
i will still attend to dis yer Urbanscapes...see u all there frens!

Me at Urbanscapes 2008

Above is the picture of me snapping a picture at KLUE Urbanscapes last yer 08...
I hope this yer event is more happening and more successful than a last yer..
See u all there dude!!

Oke..i think dat's all:)

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Izzul Ruzaini. ` said...

adoih. nak pegila!

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...


farmifahmi said...

oit nk gak gi
tp aku x tau mane dan bile

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

dis 27/6
at KLPAC..
come! come!

susu dan biskut... said...

I dunno. Baru sampai seminggu di JB.
Takan nak balik pulak kan?

Luna Abdullah said...

hari tuh i dah pergi interview for urbanescapes! hopefully i dpt trime jd crew!

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

Ira:alaa.takpe..kalo rase nak dtg dtg la..u decide k

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

Luna:yeah..hope Luna dpt jadi crew kan..

farmifahmi said...

siot time tu lak sunway uni ade event

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

abaikan event subway tu

Anonymous said...

i met u there.. hehe.. i je cam u kan.. u blur2.. wekk ;p

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio said...

sory ody
nex time i tego u dulu

Safriz said...

a great event that i have to miss. I wish I was there on that day. Time tu ader plan lain pulak. takper next year ader. hehe.

owh btw, nice pictures. keep up the good work!

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...

alo safriz...
thanx yaa..
nex week ade lagi..
dtg la!