Monday, December 7, 2009

The day i won a Sony Vaio X laptop

Long time not updated this blog..i'm very strict with my busy work & study schedule.

It is the day that i just won in Sony Vaio Treasure Hunt X Challenge contest in Sunway Pyramid & i won the grand prize a Sony Vaio X laptop worth RM3999!! in that official launch of Sony Vaio X!! just take a break in that day from work!!
It;s awesome & very hard contest with another 23 contestant..:D

The info about the laptop & contest is here:
Sony Vaio X Challenge Contest
Okay..take a look at some of the photos.

With other Top 5 contestant at the stage

Wait for the results..jeng~jeng~jeng~

Finally i got it..

It's the superb dreamy Vaio laptop

It's hard & a fun day

Thanks to Sony that have been sponsored my Alpha gears..and to my other friends that have been supported..
The best of all thanks to god that give me this opputirnity.,.
thanks all..