Friday, July 24, 2009

33rd Bon Odori 2009..:)

Japan high lamp.

Long time not updated this company blog..sorry for the late updated..many things must to do first lately.
Oke..last week in saturday i goin to 33rd Bon Odori..this is japenese cultural dance event festival that was been organize by japan embassy & panasonic factory.
it's so damn cool dance culture..i will go again next year.come enjoy some photos i take at the event.

Panasonic stadium field.

Ice cream yakitori.:)

What this kids thinkin ya?

Some Kimono kids that likes to dance.

Japan old lady's..i like their emotion.


Bon Odori traditional Dance.

One of the japanese huge family there

Emotion captured!!

Eat some!

Leader from japan embassy.

Takoyaki yang sedap.

Kids in Red Kimono.
Super Crowd dance together!

Such a success for a japanese culture in malaysia..

Oke..I think dat's all..:)

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misshetrek said...

buat kt mana?

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...

buat kat shah alam jer..:)

Safriz Sidek said...

wow, semua gamba ko cun2. aku suka yg last picture tu. mcm stitching. hehe

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...


thanx safriz..

Izzul Ruzaini. ` said...

nmpk mcm kau sorg je yg terdorong kat SSS ni. adoihh

* bile nak ade dslr ni -_- *

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...

ape yg ko melalut ni penyu...


norraien said...

wah superb..
x dpt g lor..
mesti beh an..
waaaaaaaa gamba sume chanteq

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...

mmg best dan awesome..
nex year ade worries.
thanx aien.

syuk said...

last aku tgh bon odori ni taun 98

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...

agak lama tu..
tahun 98...time tu aku form 2..